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    Salford College is committed to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of its personnel and participant records. Salford College complies with the Privacy Act 1988 including the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) as outlined in the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.As a component of our risk management practices, Salford College has conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment for all operations. Mitigation actions from this risk assessment have been implemented for the management of privacy risks at each stage of the information lifecycle, including collection, use, disclosure, storage, destruction and de-identification. Providing an overall framework for our privacy practices, Salford College has developed and implemented this APP Privacy Policy.Salford College manages personal information in an open and transparent way. This is evident in the implementation of practices, procedures and system we outline in this policy, that ensure our compliance with the APPs and any binding registered APP code, and provide suitable procedures for  Salford College personnel to be able to deal with related inquiries and complaints that may be received from time to time.The following sections of this policy outline how we manage personal information……

    Privacy Policy

    International Student Handbook

    Domestic Student Handbook

  • ESOS

    The Esos Act Framework:

    The Australian Government would like overseas students in Australia to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding time while they study. Australia’s laws promote quality education and consumer protection for overseas students. These laws are known as.

    Esos Act Framework


    Students are obligated to notify Salford College of changes to personal contact details including address and phone number while enrolled in the course. Students can check their current and updated details through the access to Student Portal.

    Change of Details


    Students have to attend the College for the number of weeks indicated on your CoE. Each week is a minimum of 20 hours training which is comprised of a combination of industry placement and face to face training for both practical and theory sessions depending on the course in which you are enrolled. You cannot complete our courses by distance education or self-paced learning. Salford College requires you to attend all the scheduled classes, unless you are sick and have a medical certificate signed by a registered doctor in Australia. Whilst Salford College reports on your course progress, to complete your course within the expected duration we require you to attend the College as indicated above. Regular attendance is a requirement for all students. All overseas students must attend a minimum of 80% of classes to qualify for a certificate and meet student visa regulations. You must ensure that you maintain satisfactory course progress in the course/courses If students do not make satisfactory academic progress they may not be allowed to continue or to re-enroll and will be reported to both DHA. The reporting to DHA may lead to to a loss of your student visa and you may be asked to leave Australia once the visa is cancelled.


    All students enrolled in ELICOS are required to meet at least 80% attendance of course offered for at least 20 hours per week. Students will be monitored for their attendance and course progress. Students failing to meet the requirements will be mentored and may be reported to DHA if they do not meet the course and visa requirements.

    For further details please read the terms and conditions of your enrolment in handbook as well as your letter of offer.

    Salford College Students Terms and Conditions of Enrolment


    Several of our courses incorporate a mandatory Industry Placement (IP) component, strategically designed to immerse students in the real-world environment of their chosen fields, such as the hospitality industry and carpentry. During Industry Placement, students gain valuable hands-on experience and exposure to the practical aspects of their respective industries.

    There is specific paperwork and documentation required for Industry Placement; students must obtain this documentation prior to Industry Placement. Industry Placement is generally provided in consultation with the student. Each workplace is authorised by Salford College before it can be used for Industry Placement. Salford College has adequate insurance policy to cover students while on Work Placement.

    1. Students are encouraged to apply for RPL/CT as a part of their application. Any such application has to be put in within 14 days of commencement of their course to be considered.
    2. This may impact the duration of a course or the fees. For international students there might be an impact on your Visa Duration.
    3. Any application put in after 14 days of commencement will not be considered for fee or course.

    RPL Application Form

    RPL Information Kit

    • Tuition fees (see Fees Schedule for current amount) Tuition fees DO cover the charges for tuition administration. The tuition fees will not change for the duration of the course approved in the letter of offer.
    • Tuition fees DO NOT cover the charges for registration fee for vocational courses, accommodation, living expenses, textbooks, uniforms, stationery, equipment, and external examinations.
    • Due date – Tuition fee are payable for the whole semester and must be paid at least six weeks prior to the commencement of each semester. If fees are not paid by the due date, a late fee of 2% per week may be charged and students may lose their place in the course.
    • If a student wants to withdraw from the course he should give at least one term notice in advance after the first semester.
    • Salford college reserves the right to withhold certificates and results until payment of all fees and stationery has been made. The college also reserves the right to bar students from attending the classes till out outstanding fees is paid.
    • Salford college reserves the right to refuse a student’s re-enrolment if accounts are not paid by the due date.
    • Salford college reserves the right to make the following variations: to vary course timetable, to vary course content, to vary lecturing personnel, to vary the cost of course and to cancel a course.
    • The student must attend all classes, examinations and course excursions and abide by the rules and regulations of the college that are in force at all times.
    • Salford college reserves the right to withdraw any students whose conduct and/or behavior is not acceptable to the college or failure to follow the rules and regulations.
    • Please check your letter of offer terms and conditions for more information around fees exclusions or fees apart from your tuition fees. This information is also available in the student handbook.

    (Whilst Salford College endeavors to keep fees to a minimum, your course fee may vary from time to time throughout the duration of your course. You will be notified of any change to course and other fees that impacts you).

    NOTE: Salford College is not responsible for any monies paid to an agent or third party.


    All Salford College (the College) course applicants must pay a non-refundable enrolment Fee (see Fees Schedule for current amount written in offer letter).

    Salford College Students Terms and Conditions of Enrolment


    Attach certified or attested copies of all your official documents such as mark sheets, academic certificates, etc. Following persons are eligible to certify copies:

    • An authorised officer from the institution that originally issued the documents (such as Registrar or Principal);
    • An Australian overseas diplomatic mission; or
    • An authorised Salford College representative.

    Certified translations must be attached if the documents are not in English. Evidence of completing a course should indicate that all requirements of the course have been met or that the award has been conferred.

    Salford College Students Terms and Conditions of Enrolment


    Your admission into Salford College requires you to have proficient English levels. You must show proof from the institution (s) or provide a certified copy of an internationally recognised English Language Test. If you are unable to provide accurate assessment of your English language level with your application form, you may be required to take an English test before you are admitted to Salford college.

    Salford College also offers extra support to you in English.


    All international students are required to pay Overseas Student Health Cover to health cover provider. It is the student’s responsibility to check the conditions of this health cover. We can arrange the cover for you on your behalf. Please speak to your admissions officer for more information.


    Please read through this thoroughly. This will give you a comprehensive information about your rights, obligations and your journey at Salford College. This information is a part of the letter of offer given to you, in the student handbook sent to you and on www.sallfordcollege.edu.au. Speak to your admissions officer if you have any questions about any part of the terms and conditions.

    Salford College Students Terms and Conditions of Enrolment


    Salford College has a comprehensive Complaints and Appeal policy and process.  There are guidelines under the ESOS act and Standards under which students are allowed to complaint to the College, appeal against the decisions and access to an outside agency for fair hearing. Salford College adheres to such standards. The policy and relevant forms can be found at www.salfordcollege.edu.au

    Complaints and Appeals Form

    Complaints and Appeals Policy


    Salford College has a comprehensive policy and procedures for allowing the students to Defer, suspend or cancel their courses and studies.

    Any such action can lead to implications on your visa conditions and duration.  Please go through the Salford College policy on www.salfordcollege.edu.au for further information

    Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation Policy

    Application for Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation


    Refer to the link for more information:

    Student Misconduct Policy


    Salford College has a comprehensive Code of Conduct for its staff and its students. The details can be found in the student handbook.

    International Student Handbook

    Domestic Student Handbook


    SALFORD COLLEGE will ensure that trainers/assessors meet the standards required to give the quality of education required. Salford College ensures that its trainers and assessors meet the requirements laid down in the standards. In addition, we ensure that all our trainers get continually get current exposure to the industry in order to give the best training possible.


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