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Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Why Do Apprenticeship With Salford College?

Salford college offers a broad range of courses that can be undertaken as an Australian Apprenticeship/Traineeship program. 

Apprenticeship/Traineeship provides employers with the ability to train new and, in some circumstances, existing staff developing new skills and knowledge in their field of expertise. 

Salford College has strong links with the industry and with job seekers thus being able to connect potential trainees and apprentices to employers. Salford College offers customised training to the apprentices/trainees as per the requirements of the employers. Salford College has trained hundreds of apprentices and trainees across hundreds of restaurants and hotels and other businesses over the last decade.

Salford College also offers pre-apprenticeship training to potential apprentices which helps them understand the industry as well as get fundamental skills to give them better chances of success. Salford College runs such programs on a monthly basis to groups of potential trainees in collaboration with multiple job agencies  and schools.

Salford College has strong relationships with schools and while training the students for vocational courses has been able to place quite a few students in apprentices. 

Stephanie's SA Training Awards Success

Congratulations to Paralowie R-12 School’s Stephanie Verrall, who was recently announced as South Australia’s 2020 School-based Apprentice of the Year.

Stephanie was formerly trained by the fabulous Salford College trainer, Sarah Adams, who knows Stephanie is going to go a long way in the industry! Through her apprenticeship at ‘Pony and Cole’, Stephanie will ultimately complete a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

What do our Apprentices Say about Salford?
“I signed on with Salford College, Adelaide, to complete a Certificate II in Commercial Cooking and Hospitality in November 2021. The classes were held 4 days per week at their city campuses. They were always well-structured, interactive, informative and practical. I was new to the industry. The lessons learned from hygiene practices, to handling a knife and preparing certain dishes in a Commercial kitchen exceeded my expectations. The barista course and Responsible Service of Alcohol were equally well managed and completed the training in February 2022.

We were asked to nominate where we would like to serve our apprenticeship and by March we were introduced to various employers. I began my apprenticeship in April 2022. I am most grateful to Salford College for matching me with an Organisation that best suited my aspirations. The lessons learned at Salford College have most definitely allowed me to be a valuable member of the kitchen and service team. Due to the success of their Certificate II program, I chose Salford College as my RTO to enrol in Certificate III Commercial Cooking while I continue working.

I believe I would not have the confidence to excel in my chosen career without the guidance and support of the Chefs, trainers and administrative team at Salford College, Adelaide.”
– Salfordian from the Skilling Project and Apprenticeship, July 2022

Salford college has access to the South Australian Government’s Skilled Career Program, meaning the Government will pay the tuition fees for selected courses for eligible students. 

The South Australian Government’s Skilled Careers program is designed to link training to employment outcomes by funding training that is linked to work placement and real job opportunities across the state. 

  • You are 16 years of age or above
  • You are living in South Australia
  • You are an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident 
  • You are an Australian humanitarian temporary visa holder or a New Zealand Citizen
  • You hold a state sponsored visa holder on a pathway to permanent residency
  • Any student aged 16 years of age or above enrolled in school and are undertaking training through identified subsidised arrangements (Such as Training Guarantee for SACE Students)
  • You are undertaking training through a Training Contracts as an apprentice or trainee
About Salford

Established in 2008, Salford College is a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation. At Salford college, we offer flexible, user-friendly methods of training, which provide different training outcomes depending on your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salford College works with schools to have students placed as apprentices and trainees under a program called school based apprenticeship.

Get in touch with your VET coordinator or your Salford College representative for further information.

Salford College offers pre-apprenticeship training at Salford College for 2 weeks to 4 weeks which offers you training in some fundamental skills and opportunity to speak to industry professionals and determine your suitability and give you

Traineeships can last for 12-24 months and apprenticeships can last from 24-48 months.

Salford College has access to school based apprenticeships, job placement agencies as well as other potential employees through its network. With pre- vocational training programs Salford College can help you find suitable candidates for you.

Sorry about that. We have numerous courses available that can help guide you in the right career path. Please click here to contact our admissions team today.

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