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Become A Salford Agent

Step 1

Complete the Education Agent Application Form along with your company profile and registration of business certificate

Step 2

Salford College will conduct a reference check on your business and following the positive outcome we will send you the Education Agent Agreement outlining terms, conditions and commissions for a successful relationship.

Step 3

Sign the Education Agent Agreement and send it back to Salford College.

Step 4

We will activate the Education Agent Agreement as soon as we have received your signed copy.

If you wish to apply via E-mail, please download the PDF application and send the completed application to marketing@salfordcollege.edu.au

To Apply Online, Please fill the form below

Agent Application Form

(Internet lodgment of students visa applications is available to citizens who are resident in their country at the time of application from the following countries: Peoples Republic of China, India, Indonesia, Thailand)

Please click here to read the sample agreement

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