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Student Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the annual awards in the best student category:

1. Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, Pecan batch: Keigo Kimura

2. Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, Fig batch: De Eun Lee and Anthony Gakinya

3. Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, Chocolate batch: Fauzia Jilani and Sophiya Karki

4. Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, Miso batch: Tak Yuen Wong

5. Diploma of Hospitality: Froso Poli

6. Diploma of Leadership and Management-1: Jae Im Lee

7. Diploma of Leadership and Management-2: Shuang Wu

8. Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management: Salpadoru Dilhani

9. Certificate III in Business: Trevor Musau

10. Diploma of Business: Ralph Birches

11. Advanced Diploma of Business: Raquel Cordero and Rehany Mooy

12. Certificate course in English: Madhab Pathak

All the winners were awarded with gift voucher worth $50! Way to go guys!!



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