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Salford College students win Cookery medals!

Salford College would like to extend a warm congratulations to our students who competed in The Secondary Schools Challenge Competition and The Nestle Golden Chefs Hat awards last week.

Up against some strong competition from around the state, teams from Salford College’s Commercial Cookery courses won 3 silver medals In the Secondary Schools Competition and 1 bronze medal in the Nestle Golden Chefs Hat Awards, a fantastic achievement!

Congratulations on all teams for their hard work and we look forward to next year’s competition!

Secondary Schools Competition Silver medal:

  • Jayden Cameon O’Donnell & Brodie David King
  • Conor Sheherdson & Jamie Clavell
  • Joshua Jorgensen & Kyle Haydon

Team 15P

Nestle Golden Chefs Hat Awards – Bronze Medal

  • Anthony Gakinya
  • Da Eun Lee
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