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Salford College Is Now Recognised For Streamlined Visa Processing!

We are pleased to announce that Salford College has been approved as a SVP (Streamlined Visa Processing) nominated provider. Starting July 1st 2015, all applications applied for programs eligible for SVP will be assessed under the guidelines of SVP by the college.

This is good news for international students, indeed…as the visa application process will be simplified and the visa can be processed and issued more quickly. The paperwork required by DIBP (department of Immigration and Border Protection) is reduced and the procedures are greatly simplified.

Under the SVP initiative, students who enrol on an undergraduate or postgraduate course at an Australian university or a pathway program, followed by an undergraduate or postgraduate course, will be assessed at Assessment Level 1 for their student visa. This is regardless of their country of origin.

Read more at this link: http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Stud/Stre

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