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Go Hunzee: Our Champion at the National Culinary Competition

We ran the campaign for our Champion spearheading the Students from Commercial Cookery Division at Salford College of Hospitality. As Hunzee (Manh Hung Nguyen) prepared and trained his heart out to represent Salford College in the National Culinary Competition at Sydney. He competed against a bevy of top apprentices and young budding chefs at this competition and did all of us very proud to come home with a Bronze Medal.  Top marks to Hunzee , his team mates, and of course his Trainers who worked with him, the top class Adrian Brown and of course Jeremy Smart. Great news and great outcome.

Goes to prove that if you set out your heart out at something you can win it.

Go Hunzee


Cookery Competition winner
Ash Goyal the CEO with the Salford College Student “Hunzee”
Congratulations Hunzee
Salford College of Hospitality Student Hunzee with a Bronze Medal at a National Competition


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