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Domestic Student Application

Application Form For Domestic Students

Students need to meet the entry requirements of each course.

Please read the Domestic Student Handbook here

Successful applicants will be sent a Letter of Offer. If you accept the terms and conditions contained in the Letter of Offer, sign the Acceptance Agreement and return it to the College along with the proof of payment for the amount stated on the invoice. Once this is received by the College, Letter of Offer will be sent to the Applicant.

if applying via E-mail, please download the PDF application below and send the completed application to admissions@salfordcollege.edu.au.

To Apply Online, Please fill the form below

Please have digital copies of the following documents ready to attach online to our form, if you choose not to attach the below documents, you will be required to submit them to us at a later date : 

  • Photo ID (should be as current as last 2 years)
  • Passport, Drivers Licenses, School ID card, proof of age card (issued by services SA)
  • Any previous academic documents
  • Centrelink card (if registered)

Online Application Form

Domestic Student Application Form

Please fill in the online application form if you want to apply as a student for any course in Salford College. This form needs to be filled up online.

Please read and agree to the terms and conditions carefully and once you accept them tick the box underneath for going to the application.

Please either attach the documents along with the form or you can submit the documents personally at the enrollment office.

Terms and Conditions

Salford College agrees to provide access to available enrolment positions for all persons who have the relevant skills, experience and ability to satisfactorily meet enrolment requirements for behaviour, safety, course/qualification pre-requisites, payment of fees, and the observance of Salford College’s policy.

Salford College may seek to terminate the enrolment of a student if they:

  • Do not comply with proper safety procedures including the wearing of appropriate clothing for a given workplace when training occurs in an on the job or simulated workplace situation.
  • Fail to attend training sessions to a minimum level set for competence.
  • Have not accurately or honestly disclosed all information relevant to their enrolment and participation in the training with Salford college, including relevant matters relating to health, work history, skills and experience, criminal conviction (where appropriate) etc.
  • Have provided false or misleading information.
  • Commit an offence under the law while in the training environment or at a workplace, breach safe work practice, or otherwise act in a manner detrimental to the wellbeing of Salford college, other students or persons, or themselves.
  • Do not comply with the confidentiality rights of other persons.

Note: where a student fails to provide fourteen (14) days’ notice for non-attendance of a course they are booked into, Salford College will invoice the student or the employer for full course fees and reserves the right to take legal action if needed for debt recovery.

Enrolment in a course is not secured without payment. Payment must accompany the enrolment form, unless prior arrangements for a personal payment plan or business (Company) credit terms, have been made with Salford College’s staff.

SALFORD COLLEGE reserves the right to cancel an enrolment without notice, if after twelve (12) months; a learner has not completed and achieved their qualification. If some of the qualification has been completed, a statement of attainment will be issued for those units completed. If a learner is having difficulty meeting this deadline, SALFORD COLLEGE may grant extensions under certain circumstances. It is the learner’s responsibility to meet the deadline and/or make appropriate arrangements. This statement should be read in conjunction with our refund policy.


  • Students are encouraged to apply for RPL/CT as a part of their application. Any such application has to be put in within 14 days of commencement of their course to be considered.
  • This may impact the duration of a course or the fees.

Any application put in after 14 days of commencement will not be considered for fee or course duration reduction.


All participants must be over the age of 18 to participate in a course with SALFORD COLLEGE unless express and written permission from a parent or guardian is supplied and is accepted by the appropriate SALFORD COLLEGE staff member.

SALFORD COLLEGE courses do require a basic level of computer literacy. Learners will need access to a computer with a word-processor (e.g. Microsoft Word) and access to email and internet. Learners will need to have a basic proficiency in;

  • Copy and Paste
  • Accessing information stored on websites and from a CD
  • Saving a word document
  • Sending and receiving emails with attachments

Learners will need to have a good command of written and spoken English appropriate to the level of qualifications sought.

If learners have any LLN (Literacy, language and numeracy) issues, please bring it to the attention of college at your orientation so that alternate arrangements can be discussed.Page 2 of 4


All participants in SALFORD COLLEGE’s courses and programs have a right to:

  • Be treated with respect and dignity
  • A safe learning environment free from danger, abuse or harassment
  • Recognition of their particular needs and circumstances including: beliefs, ethnic background, cultural and religious practices
  • Have access to their own records on request
  • The opportunity for feedback on services provided
  • Receive a copy of and have access to our complaints process

Participant Responsibility

As a condition of entry into SALFORD COLLEGE’s programs, participants are expected to:

  • Respect the rights of others
  • Be punctual for classes and appointments
  • Notify SALFORD COLLEGE if they are unable to attend classes or appointments
  • Promote an effective learning environment through good personal behaviour
  • Encourage equal opportunity
  • Observe any non-smoking restrictions
  • Seek approval from authorised SALFORD COLLEGE staff for the use of SALFORD COLLEGE’s IT equipment, assets, stationery, etc
  • Be responsible for their own possessions
  • Be aware of and promote the safety of themselves and others
  • Meet the required dress standard which is defined as smart casual. Provide at least 7 days’ notice if they do not intend to commence a course they are booked into.


Learners may be required to undergo an induction/orientation prior to course commencement. This process may include details on course delivery, policies, procedures, appeals, access and equity, RPL, OHS, etc. as provided in this document.


Prior to enrolment you should discuss your needs and situation with SALFORD COLLEGE staff member who can assist you with or refer you to appropriate assistance for:

  • Client Support Services including LLN
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Learning Pathways
  • Assessment Procedures& Process
  • Delivery Options


Fees may be varied or discounted at the discretion of SALFORD COLLEGE to assist individuals, secure corporate contracts or to comply with the requirements of Commonwealth or State/territory Government contracts.

In programs funded by Government Authorities, client charges will be determined by the terms of the Government Contract. Qualifications will not be issued until payment has been made in full.

Enrolment Fees

All Salford College (the College) course applicants must pay a non-refundable enrolment Fee (see Fees Schedule for current amount written in offer letter).

Tuition Fees

  • tuition fees (see Fees Schedule for current amount) DO cover the charges for tuition administration.
  • tuition fees DO NOT cover the charges for registration fee for vocational courses, accommodation, living expenses, textbooks, uniforms, stationery, equipment, and external examinations.
  • due date – Tuition fee are payable for the whole semester and must be paid at least six weeks prior to the commencement of each semester. If fees are not paid by the due date, a late fee of 2% per week may be charged and students may lose their place in the course. Page 3 of 4
  • If a student wants to withdraw from the course he should give at least one term notice in advance after the first semester.
  • Salford college reserves the right to withhold certificates and results until payment of all fees and stationery has been made. The college also reserves the right to bar students from attending the classes till out outstanding fees is paid.
  • Salford college reserves the right to refuse a student’s re-enrolment if accounts are not paid by the due date.
  • Salford college reserves the right to make the following variations: to vary course timetable, to vary course content, to vary lecturing personnel, to vary the cost of course and to cancel a course.
  • The student must attend all classes, examinations and course excursions and abide by the rules and regulations of the college that are in force at all times.
  • Salford college reserves the right to withdraw any students whose conduct and/or behaviour is not acceptable to the college or failure to follow the rules and regulations
  • In case Student requires additional LLN support they must pay a fee to external agency or contractor but college will not charge any referral fees from the student

NOTE: Salford College is not responsible for any monies paid to an agent or third party.

Fee Exclusions:

A late fee of 2% per week is levied for late payment of course fees. Students with outstanding course fees will not be able to participate in any lessons.

Re-issue of Certificates or Statements of Attainment – $20.00 per page.

RPL fees is $250 per unit. If additional training is required then further charges may apply. Please speak to our admin team for
further information.


  • Salford College meets the requirements of the Federal Privacy Act 1988. The Chief Executive Officer is in charge of privacy issues.
  • All students have the right under the to access their personal file held by Salford College and may also request that updates be made to information that is incorrect or out of date.
  • Access to student records and student’s personal information may be given to identified government or other representative agencies such as but not limited to DEEWR, commonwealth and state government department for the purposes of audit or any other requirement deemed fit by such departments. This information may include personal and contact details, course enrolment details and changes.
  • Access to a copy of student or staff records by a third party can only be obtained by written permission of the relevant person whose file has been requested. Such permission will identify the sections of the file to be available.
  • Personal information is collected solely for the purposes of demonstrating the effective control of operations as a Registered
    Training Organisation under ASQA.

Change of Details:

Students are obligated to notify Salford College of changes to personal contact details including address and phone number while enrolled in the course.

Study Mode and Assessment Methods

Depending on the qualification you are enrolled in, the study mode includes face to face learning and may include work based learning. Assessment methods include assignments, exams, and practical and work place assessments.

Industry Placement (IP)

Some of our courses may include a component of Industry Placement (IP)/work placement. Industry Placement is designed to expose students to the reality of the industry. Students will be provided with access to Work placement and would be encouraged to find own placements within the guidelines of the college.

There is specific paperwork and documentation required for Industry Placement; students must obtain this documentation prior to Industry Placement.

Certified Copies of Original Documents

Attach certified or attested copies of all your official documents such as mark sheets, academic certificates, etc. Following persons are eligible to certify copies:

  • An authorised officer from the institution that originally issued the documents (such as Registrar or Principal);
  • An Australian overseas diplomatic mission; or
  • An authorised Salford College representative.

Certified translations must be attached if the documents are not in English. Evidence of completing a course should indicate that all requirements of the course have been met or that the award has been conferred.


Where students are in breach of SALFORD COLLEGE policy, state or territory legislation, are disruptive, rude, unsafe, or fail to meet acceptable standards of good behaviour, SALFORD COLLEGE may take steps to address the situation. Depending on the nature and severity of the problem, SALFORD COLLEGE may choose to resolve the issue by mediation which will be recorded on student files and written copies and outcomes supplied to the student. Where the issue is more serious or is unable to be resolved, SALFORD COLLEGE may seek to apply sanctions, suspension, or expulsion to the student or, where relevant, refer the matter to more appropriate authorities or authorised bodies. All such action will be recorded with written outcomes supplied to the student(s) involved.

Personal Details

Guardian Details

Emergency Contact Details

Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a number that identifies you as a student in Australia and that you can provide to any higher education or training organisation you study with.

This is different from your Student ID number. A USI is your lifelong education number and you only need to create it once.

How To Create USI

Creating a USI takes around 5mins. Before you get started, make sure you have handy a form of identification that you can enter (e.g. a drivers license, passport etc)

  • Go to the Unique Student Identifier site
  • click on 'Create a USI' and then 'Get Started';
  • Follow through the steps - along the way the system will ask you for your details and evidence of identity, prompt you to create a password you will use for the USI portal and provide you with your USI.

Note for student: You will find all pre-enrollment information on
our website as well as student handbook. You will be offered a
letter of offer based on the assessment of this application which
will list all terms and conditions of enrolment as well as detailed
fees associated as per the course you apply for (information also
available on website under skills for all). You will be required to sign
an acceptance letter before the enrolment is finalised. You can
discuss your mode of training as well as training plans with the
trainer at any time before enrolment in the course over the phone
or at the college or at the time of acceptance of offer.

Please upload the mandatory document/s below

Please sign the parent/guardian consent form and upload below. click here to download the form

Please sign the participant agreement form and upload below. click here to download the form

Please upload any additional document/s below


Salford College will collect and use your personal information for the purpose of, if applicable, aspects of enrolment,
administration and delivery of the approved course that we are required by law to collect, use and/ or disclose to Government
agencies or others authorized or required by law. Salford College may also disclose your personal information to the relevant
Common wealth or State Government authorities, for the purpose of informing them that you have enrolled in an approved
course, of your completion, non-completion or withdrawal from an approved course, monitoring the service given by us to you
and your satisfaction with our training.

Authorisation and Acknowledgement

I hereby authorise Salford College to:

Use the information provided for statistical, research, programs evaluation and internal management purposes

  • Release information concerning my training record to any relevant government department, to traineeship authorities and
    my employer if I am undertaking traineeship studies.
  • Permission given to Salford College to use any photographic images for use in its marketing campaigns while maintaining
    confidentiality of my personal information.
  • Have access to the information contained in my Training Contract and Salford College enrolment form. I understand that

Salford College will ensure the confidentiality of the information provided. Salford College representative has also supplied and explained the content of the employer and Trainee Information handbook for
the purpose of commencing training, and enhancing my learning experience.

I have read and understand the Privacy Notice, code of practice and Authorization as explained above. I declare that to the best of my
knowledge and belief, that the information on this form is correct and complete.

I have received and read the content of pre-enrolment information.

Selected Units

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