Advantages of Certified Hospitality Management Courses in Australia


Are you a person who loves to travel the world and see new places? When you go on holiday, do you ever envy the people working at the resort you stayed in? What wouldn’t you give to be able to stay on an exotic Greek island for months…or amidst snow capped skiing trails in the Alps! Well, with a career in Hospitality Management you could do just that, and more!

Do remember, however, that Hospitality Management involves a lot of intense hard work too…but if you are prepared to go the extra mile, the rewards are huge. At present, there is a huge demand for skilled workers in the hospitality industry in Australia and it is estimated that by the end of 2015 there could be a deficit of 50,000 workers in this sector. This opens up immense job prospects for those who have the right prerequisites and the potential.

The global hospitality sector is huge, and with the current boom in tourism and aviation, prospects are only increasing by the day. International hotel chains like the Radisson, Hyatt, Hilton and Sheraton have hotels and resorts in all cosmopolitan cities and tourist destinations across the globe. Getting a job at any one of these hotel chains will get you started on some exciting travel abroad.

To excel in this career path, you should be prepared to work very hard. Work hours may be intense, with unpredictable day and night shifts. Stress levels can be very high and you may often find yourself on the receiving end of an irate guest’s temper! You should be able to work well in the face of tension, and get along with customers and other staff alike. In this profession, the ability to keep people happy is what matters most, and if that is something that comes to you naturally then you have no worries. You will be required to learn the ropes of every aspect of the hospitality management industry, including how to handle the front office, sales and marketing, customer service, housekeeping, F&B and others. By working in each department, you will get a deep understanding of how the hospitality industry runs and will be able to perfect your job.

There are many courses in Hospitality Management offered by top institutions in Australia, and by signing up for these courses you can open the doors to a world of possibilities in this sector. Learn the ins and outs of contemporary tourist and hospitality management theory and practice including policy and planning, financials, hotel kitchen management and much more. Different career profiles that you could follow would be Hotel and Restaurant Management, Catering, Tourism Associations, Club Management and Guest Houses. You could also take up Event Management as a full time profession.

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