University Pathways


Salford college is very happy to announce that we have now a partnership with Torrens University,  one of the most respected universities in Australia

Students from our Blockchain, Leadership and Management, Project Management and Hospitality Management Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs, will be able to get between 80 and 120 credits in many of the 3 years Bachelor Degree programs offered by Torrens University

About Torrens University

Torrens University is one of the most reputed international universities and vocational registered training organizations in Australia. Torrens have partnered with prestigious schools and colleges, to develop a fresh, modern, global perspective for higher education, focused in offering high-quality higher education undergraduate, graduate, higher degree by research and specialized degree programs in a wide range of academic disciplines, delivering programs online and on their campuses. 

Torrens university have two campuses in Sydney, two in Melbourne, one in Adelaide, two in Brisbane, one in the Blue Mountains, one in Auckland and one in China. Their work is strengthened, amplified and its impact reinforced through partnerships with industry, research collaborations, sport, government, and non-government organizations.

Pathway Programs

This is a great opportunity for the students from Salford as they can continue their graduate education in a respected university, saving time and money.

The bachelor courses included in this program are:

  • Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) 
  • Bachelor of Business (Event Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management)


Please see below the quantity of credits each course gets for each Bachelor. if required, please click on the image to view the details

To get the credits offered by this pathway, it is mandatory to complete the Diploma e/or Advanced Diploma first.

To apply for our Diploma programs, please click here or email us in